10 Best Cushioned Running Shoes 2017

Proper cushioning is very important, especially when you need to wear the shoes for a long time. That’s why comfortable padding is a must for your running shoes. Because you need to wear them for a long time and if they are not comfortable you’ll be uneasy to continue the jogging.

But it is hard to find a durable, supportive and lightweight running shoes that are well-padded and doesn’t hurt your feet or give you any kind of pain. That’s why we decided to bring you 10 best cushioned running shoes that are best in the market.

10 Best Cushioned Running Shoes Review 2017

Nike Men’s Air Max Tailwind 8 Running Shoe

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Nike makes some fantastic athletic products that are widely loved and embraced by professionals. Among them, Nike shoes are a worldwide hit and loved by all. With their guaranteed safety and quality, the air max running shoes gives you air like comfort to move easily and frequently.

The outer sole is thick, fluffy and gives your proper traction for tough terrains. Also, the padding gives your ample cushioning, and that’s why it is perfect for running for a long time and distance. You can stay comfortable while your body burns the calories, thanks to the mesh body to provide proper air flow.

  • Proper cushioning
  • Features good look
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Comfortable and snug
  • Better traction

  • The shoes are somewhat uncomfortable in the heel. Some may feel discomfort in the heel area.

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Adidas NEO Women’s Cloudfoam Vs. City W Running Shoe

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For the most comfortable experience, Adidas used cloudfoam footbed in the running shoes. The shoes are specially designed for women to deliver maximum traction due to the rubber outsole. Apart from the supreme traction, the outsole is extremely durable, giving you confidence for using them in any terrain.

Besides, its flex grooves and fabric lining brings it on the top of good looking shoes. The lace-up closure makes it secure and fits perfectly.

  • CloudFoam footbed; comfortable cushioning
  • Secure fit
  • Flex grooves
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Better traction
  • Breathable mesh body
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Fabric lining

  • Lack of proper arch support is very disturbing, especially when you need to use them regularly.

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Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

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For a wide range of runners and different types of running and riding, Mizuno Wave Rider 20 is suitable and helpful. It is the most comfortable, smoothest, softest and most responsive wave rider. You can use it for road running, marathon running and also on treadmills. 12 mm heel offset and Wave plate insert under the heel. The engineered mesh is new in Wave Rider 20 and replaces the older versions WR 18 & WR 19.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 20 is lightweight and neutral cushioned so that it is appropriate for faster workouts.

  • soft and comfortable
  • The breathability of the upper unit but not porous in design.
  • The flexibility of the platform
  • lightweight
  • U4icX cushioning technology
  • Improved collar lining and foam
  • Supportive and cushioned ride
  • Spacious toe-box and forefoot
  • Supportive forefoot

  • Some users complain that the upper fabric wore out quickly.

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Altra Men’s Torin 2.5 Running Shoe

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This version of Torin has the same outsole and midsole as of previous models. But it has got some new adjustments. The upper part has dot gradient overlays to facilitate breathability. The design is also favorable for quick drying. Altra’s FootPod technology makes the use of this shoe flexible by mapping user’s foot to the sole pattern.

For long runs, it is pleasant and comfortable and effortless. It delivers sufficient ground feedback. The redesigned heel cup and lacing system can create a good impression on the first time rider. The zero drop nature of the shoe will positively feel in a different way. The roomy toe-box also gives a different experience.

  • Proper cushioning is provided.
  • 24 mm stack height.
  • Soft and responsive in ride
  • High-mileage trainer
  • Great aesthetic appearance.
  • Well shaped toe-box ensures better fit and performance.

  • Not properly ventilated.

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Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 5 Running Shoe

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The Bondi 5 is an intact cushioned shoe that provides a smooth and comfortable feel to the users. The wider sole helps to return the runners who stopped running due to their wider feet that did not to fit in any shoe.

In this model, the soles are updated to increase support and durability. Ventilation service is well-reviewed by several users. The engineered mesh used in the upper looks very nice, and it makes it even smooth and flexible.

  • A pillowy soft, smooth feeling while riding.
  • Stability.
  • Wide toe box is suitable for people having wider feet.
  • Good traction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Long-term durability.
  • Helps to reduce back and hip pains when running in the Hoka One One Bondi 5.
  • Soft cushioning.
  • Roomy toe-box

  • Tongue area may feel the rigid feeling because of poor Lacing technique.

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Excite 4 Running Shoe

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Excite 4 is perfect for middle millage runners. These are well cushioned and provides comfort rather than other updated features.

ASICS modernized its upper by replacing the cheap-looking overlays and plastic by a suede-like material. The engineered mesh of upper provides decent breathability and long-term durability. For enhanced shock-absorption, they use the award-winning Gel Cushioning System in the midsole.

The entire sole is covered by a rubber compound named AHAR+ to increase durability. For better durability and enhanced fit, they place the overlays strategically. It runs fast, and the price is reasonable and customer-friendly.

  • Comfortable
  • Attractive color and style.
  • Various width options.
  • Plush cushioning.
  • Moderately affordable.
  • Very responsive.
  • Can be used for training purposes.

  • Traction is not comfortable in rainy weather on the wet surface.

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Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

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There is an appeal of Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 for its low price and durability. Otherwise, the features of this model are not updated. That is why it is so affordable.

It will be a good choice if you are looking for athletic shoes for workouts in the gym or to stay in shape or simply a marathon. It is quite versatile in use. Its use can be practiced during circuit training, athletic activities, weight lifting, or other similar work.

Cohesion 10 is moderately cushioned with a relatively boring upper. Overlays are not as much as generally seen shoes.

  • Affordable price.
  • Congenial color schemes.
  • Arch supportive.
  • Firm cushioning
  • Comfortable fit with Plush tongue and collar.
  • Overlays in the sides and back of the upper.
  • Flexible and durable.

  • Small and narrow running

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Asics Women’s GEL Noosa Tri 10 Running Shoes

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For superior stability, ASICS uses DuoMax technology that also gives your proper support to your hip, ankle, and back. The elastic laces will make sure the shoes fit you properly and don’t come off.

The pair is incorporated with sockliner so that you can wear them without any socks, no one will know. Although the body is extremely lightweight, it doesn’t affect the stability of the pair.

To give you maximum comfort, there is GEL cushioning in the rear and front foot as well as breathable mesh in the front to ensure adequate airflow. So you won’t be sweaty anymore, thanks to the mesh upper.

  • Supportive and stabilizing DuoMax technology
  • Elastic Laces for proper fit
  • Sockliner to make it wearable with socks
  • Perfect Stability
  • Lightweight body
  • Breathable mesh forefoot
  • Guidance line for efficiency
  • Gel cushioning on the rear and front foot.

  • The grip of this shoe is not much reliable. Don’t use this pair on slippery surfaces.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoe

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ASICS used a brand new version of the popular GEL-Contend, which is designed for providing maximum comfort to your feet while you are busy practicing. So you won’t need to worry about your feet, concentrate on your performance.

The shoes are designed in a way that beginners or low mileage runners can hop in and get started. Besides, the shoes are equipped with removable sock liner, which makes it beneficial and useful to orthotics. The grippy rubber sole has great traction over the ground and it is quite flexible for frequent movement.

  • Grippy sole
  • Better traction for any terrain
  • Great amount of support
  • Long lasting
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning
  • Soft landing
  • Lightweight
  • Fabulous looks
  • Shock absorbing sole
  • Breathable body construction

  • The shoes are congested for average feet. That’s why, people might feel discomfort if they have wider feet.

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Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

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If you want to get a lightweight pair with ample comfort and support, this one is a must for you. Not only the micro G foam makes it comfortable for you, but also it makes you feel lightweight when you run on these ultra-flexible shoes. Besides, the soft foams help you get a soft landing and strong take off when you do quick jumps or run very fast.

The leather overlays are extremely helpful to provide you support for the feet and protects you from rough terrains. For additional comfort, full length EVA sockliner works pretty well.

Apart from the comfort, its strategically placed rubber sole provides great traction and protects you from high impacts.

  • Lightweight mesh upper
  • Breathable and ample air flow
  • EVA sock-liner to give you proper comfort
  • Durable leather overlays to provide support
  • Customized Fit
  • Firm take-offs
  • Excellent traction with the rubber covers placed on the high-impact zones
  • Affordable price
  • Micro G foam for safe and soft landings
  • Ultra-flexible

  • The shoes are not suitable for wet surfaces, especially if they are muddy.


Buying Guide

Choosing the right running shoes is not easy, and most of the people make silly mistakes while they buy a pair for regular jogging or occasional running. Tinniest mistakes in purchasing the right one can hamper your performance. So make sure you remember these things when buying a running shoe for daily use.


Though most today’s running shoes have thick cushioning, it is better to check the comfortability before you purchase the pair. You can take a walk wearing them if you are buying physically. But what happens when you buy online?

Well. You can check customer reviews about that shoe. You would get enough knowledge about that shoe once you go through all the reviews.

Make sure to check both negative and positive feedback from the consumers.

Body weight

Lightweight people need less cushioning, but starting at 80 kilograms a hard foam midsole is recommended and if possible, an additional system to cushion impacts at the tips and heels.

Generally this affects the price of the shoe, the heavier (more than 90 Kilograms approximately) have to pay a little more as the damping systems make the shoes more expensive.

Pace of the race

It’s good that you consider the speed at which you need to run. If you are in a phase of training in which you must move slowly to improve the technique, the best will be a flexible shoes. The lighter and less cushioned shoes are recommended for speed training, especially in professional racers with excellent technique.

Ground type

If you run on natural trails, you need to be served with shoes with ample cushioning and most importantly, a good grip.

On the other hand, if you run in the city on the sidewalks, it is best to use soft-cushioned shoes.


It is essential for a runner that his shoes are comfortable even after wearing the shoes for a long time and distance. That’s why a mesh upper is recommended because they give proper breathability when you walk in them.


Although this seems obvious, it is not at all.

When we talk about running shoes, we do not even buy the shoe size we have had for a lifetime. In this case, we must leave a margin in both width and length of the foot, which you can get by asking for a half size or a larger size.

Are you one of those people who swell their feet in a long run? Then you will understand perfectly why we asked to take a larger one.

A runner’s shoes should never be tight, and they should have a safe distance from the tip of the shoe.


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