10 Best Foam Rollers 2017

You bought a foam roller with a big hope that soon you’ll get rid of those muscle problems. But after months of exercise, you have a little to no improvement. Either the foam is soft, or it is too firm that you find it painful during exercise. Rollers are simple products, but buying the right one is not that easy.

There are different types of roller and different facts to consider when buying one. That’s why you may find it a little challenging to buy the perfect foam roller for you. This thorough review on the 10 best foam rollers may help you find the perfect deal. Besides, there is a buying guide in the end to help you find the right fit for you.

10 Best Foam Rollers Review 2017

The Foam Roller – High-Density Eco-Friendly Foam Rollers For Physical Therapy, Muscle Therapy, Mobility & Flexibility

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Made of non-porous recyclable EVA foam with a soft exterior and firm core to give ample soothing firmness to your muscles. Recommended by chiropractors, professional trainers, and physical therapists.

The foam is firmer than most other rollers, and it can endure the heaviest user without flaking. Available in 3 different size- 13, 18, and 36 inches. The 13 and 18-inch rollers are suitable for leg and thigh muscle therapy. But we would recommend buying the 36-inch so you can roll over larger areas.

  •  Great for self-massage therapy and myofascial release
  • Made of 100% recyclable EVA foam
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Firm but soft enough
  • Won’t flake or bend

  • Not spill proof
  • Few customers found it very stiff

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King Athletic Foam Roller for Muscle Exercise and Myofascial Massage

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King Athletic is so confident about the quality of this roller that they guarantee 200% return if you find any issue after buying. Yes, they’ll not only give you a full refund, but you’ll also receive a new one with that.

Comes in 13-inch compact size so you can take it anywhere with you. The hollow core foam is able to withstand up to 550lbs of weight, so you don’t have to worry about breaking or flaking.

The interior contains a variety of textures and trigger point areas allow you to target every major part of your body including the tiny areas.

  • Comes with a bonus nutritional e-book with +30 meal recipes
  • 200% return on investment guaranty
  • Various texture areas to relieve tiny muscles
  • Hollow core foam for extended durability
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Compact and portable

  • Mini size (13-inch) roller; not suitable for rolling large muscle areas at a time.
  • Seems like 2 in 1, but it’s actually one roller

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RumbleRoller – Textured Muscle Foam Roller

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Comes with springy and sturdy padding to make you feel like massage therapy. Proper use of this roller will stretch sore muscle tissues in multiple areas, erode trigger points and relieve your muscles from discomfort.

The bumps are harder than muscle tissues but softer than bone. So they will deflect away when they contact the spinal cords and other bony protrusions.

Made of durable materials to give you the maximum durability with no flaking. Besides, it comes with a three years warranty to make it a worth buying.

Available in 3 different sizes – 12, 22, and 31 inches. The 12 and 22-meter roller is perfect for carrying in backpack. And the 31-inch is perfect for home use, and you can lay on it to relieve large muscle areas at once.

  • Springy bumps with ample firmness
  • 3-years warranty
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • The core is made of high-density EVA foam
  • Great for multi-directional muscle therapy

  • Relatively expensive
  • The bumps are little stiff, and you may feel discomfort during first usage.

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Yes4All Premium USA Foam Roller: 12,18, 24 & 36 inch (Multi Color)

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Yes4All is mostly recommended for myofascial release due to the smooth surface. A perfect roller for enhancing muscle flexibility and preventing soreness. Suitable for everyone including athletes, bodybuilders, and yoga enthusiasts.

Specially designed for less intense than EPP foam rollers. The moderate intensity makes it a comfortable roller and can hold up to 250lbs of weight without losing shape.

This 6-inch width roller is available in 4 different sizes – 12,18,24, and 36-inch. All of them are quite lightweight. The 12-inch roller weighs only 8 oz, and the 36-inch roller weighs 1lb.

Comes with 1-year money-back guaranty. If the roller loses its shape or if you find other issues, just contact the seller, and they will give you a full refund or a brand new replacement.

  • Made of non-toxic material
  • 1-year money-back guaranty
  • Relatively affordable
  • Less intensity for comfortable feeling
  • Great roller for myofascial release and self-massage therapy
  • Suitable for both beginner and intermediate exercises

  • The core is made of plastic
  • Less effective for muscle pain compared to textured rollers

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Master of Muscle Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Therapy With Ebook Instructions (RED/13-Inch)

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This 13-inch roller is pretty same as the King Athletic roller on number 9. Even they provide 200% refund on investment guarantee. But it’s less firm and much comfortable than King Athletic.

There are two types of texture areas – finger tip pressure zone and palm pressure zone to make you feel like getting massage from a therapist. Efficiently relieves tiny and hard to reach muscle areas.

Suitable for everyone but especially for beginners. This roller comes with an e-book on various trigger point foam rolling exercise instructions to give you a fast and efficient result.

  • Different texture areas
  • Compact 13-inch size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 200% refund on investment guarantee
  • Instruction e-book on foam rolling exercises

  • The foam is not that stiff
  • Not suitable for rolling larger muscle areas

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ProSource High Density Extra Firm Foam Roller 36 x 6-inch / 18 x 6-inch / 12 x 6-inch, Black

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Made of high-density EPP foam to provide the highest firmness and extended durability. Its sturdy construction allows you firm pressure to alleviate your tight muscles.

Available in 3 different sizes to choose from – 6×12, 6×18, 6×36 inches. The 36-inch roller allows you to roll larger muscle areas at a time when the 12 and 18-inch are suitable for carrying in your gym bag.

The unstable and dense surface makes this roller a perfect fitness tool for Pilates, spine stabilization, and other rehabilitation exercises.

All sizes are quite expensive than most other renowned roller brands when the quality and durability is pretty same. Mostly recommended for budget minded people.

  • Least expensive
  • High-density roller
  • Highly firm and durable
  • Made of 100% recyclable EPP foam
  • Releases muscle trigger points and stimulates blood circulation more efficiently
  • Spill proof

  • Some users may feel a little discomfort due to the extra firm feature
  • Not so effective for back pain

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Nordic Lifting Foam Roller – Muscle Massage and Deep Tissue Trigger – 1 Year Warranty

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The palm pressure areas are horizontally aligned with the thumb pressure areas to give a real-feel of therapeutic massage. Made of 100% EVA material for sufficient firmness and the highest durability.

Doesn’t include any inner piping to avoid breaking and able to hold up to 500lbs of weight without any flaking. The 13×5.2-inch size and 1.4lbs weight make this roller lightweight and portable.

Comes with a stylish, handy carry bag, so you do not need any additional gym bag to take it to your gym or yoga class.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports up to 500lbs of weight
  • Comes with a stylish carry bag
  • Emulates real life therapeutic massage
  • Mid-level firmness for ample comfort and perfect support

  • Not suitable for rolling large muscle areas
  • The diameter is little small compared to others on this list

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TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller (13-inch)

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Comes with three different texture – High and firm texture for pressure like finger tips, tubular texture for pressure like fingers, and the low & flat texture provides pressure like palm.

The firm compression makes you feel like you’re taking a therapeutic massage. And the grid pattern improves blood circulation through the muscles.

The 5.5 x 13 inches exterior is constructed over a rigid hollow core which makes it lightweight yet durable and strong. The roller can hold up to 500 pounds weight, so you don’t have to worry about flaking and breaking.

  • Supports up to 500lbs
  • 1-year warranty
  • Suitable for rolling small muscle areas
  • Constructed over a rigid hollow core
  • Three different texture
  • Extremely lightweight

  • Relatively expensive
  • Little heavier compared to other 13-inches roller

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LuxFit High-Density Foam Roller – Extra Firm With 3 Year Warranty

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If you need an extra firm foam roller, then this one would be the best fit for you. This high-density roller is perfect to relieve your muscle before and after workouts, yoga, pilates, physical and massage therapy.

Made of molded polypropylene foam with a 2lbs density per cubic foot. Able to withstand heavy weight without flaking or bending. Besides, the exterior is spill proof, so it won’t get dirty.

Available in 3 different sizes – 6 x 12, 18, and 36 inches. The 12 and 18 inches are portable and suitable for rolling small areas. But we would recommend you to buy the 36-inch if you’re over 6ft and 250lbs. And the price is relatively low compared to other similar rollers from different brands.

  • Extra firm roller that effectively relieves muscle tension
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Least expensive
  • 3-year warranty
  • Ideal for myofascial release

  • Too firm exterior is not suitable for everyone
  • Not that effective to relieve back pain

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Reehut 2-in-1 Foam Roller. FREE USER E-BOOK + FREE CARRY CASE!

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We keep this roller on the top of our list due to its multiple convenient features. Whether you need a roller to massage painful muscle or rehabilitation, Reehut is designed for both purposes. Mostly recommended for them who need a roller for all rolling exercises.

The outer foam includes three different textures (finger, fingertip, and palm massage) to relieve you from tight, painful muscles. And the 3.8 x 13-inch removable core works as a smooth roller for muscle rehabilitation and myofascial release. And both rollers are made of 100% EVA material to provide the highest durability.

Comes with a fancy handy-carry bag for easy carrying and storing. And the 18-page e-book will help you learn how to roll on a foam safely and properly.

  • 2-in-1 roller; suitable for both muscle pain and myofascial release
  • Outer roller with trigger points and inner roller with smooth surface
  • 100% EVA foam
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a carry bag and instruction e-book
  • Least expensive

  • Not suitable for rolling larger muscle areas at a time
  • Outer roller is firm enough, but the inner roller is soft and deforms quickly


Buying guide

There are three types of foam rollers on the market – smooth roller, a roller with trigger points, and 2-in-1 roller. Every type is suitable for different rolling exercises. Let’s have a quick overview the types you can understand which one is for you

Smooth rollers: They are recommended for muscle rehabilitation and myofascial release. Improves muscle mobility, flexibility, and prevents soreness. Mostly used by sports persons, yoga, pilates, and dead lifters. The large size smooth rollers also relieve spinal cord and back pain.  They also relieve muscle pain but less efficient than the next type.

Rollers with trigger points: They are vastly used for muscle massage as well as regular rolling exercises. Usually comes with three different textures to emulate the therapeutic massage. The trigger points to pressure on tiny muscle areas to relieve pain and muscle tightness. Recommended for workout nerds, and people who are suffering from muscle pain and sore.

2-in-1 roller: Comes with textured exterior with a removable core. The inner core works as a smooth roller when the exterior provides all features of the second category described above. When the outer roller relieves muscle pain and soreness, the inner roller works as a smooth roller for myofascial release. 2-in-1 rollers are convenient that previous two types but they are rare and designed for rolling smaller areas.

Facts to consider when buying a foam roller

Size: 13,18, and 36, these are the common sizes of foam rollers. Shorter rollers are suitable for rolling smaller muscle areas, and they’re easy to carry.

On the other hand, larger rollers are for rolling larger muscle areas at a time. The problem is that they’re not portable and expensive than the small ones.

Firmness: There are two types of firmness – Firm, and extra firm. When firm rollers are comfortable, they’re less durable and often flake. Extra firm rollers are durable, and they can hold more than 500lbs of weight. But many people find them too stiff and discomfort to exercise.

Surface: If you need a roller for myofascial release or rehabilitation, then smooth rollers would be a right fit for you. And, if you need a roller for muscle pain, pre and post workout, then you should buy a roller with trigger points.

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