10 Best Jump Rope 2017

A few years ago, choosing a jump rope was not that difficult. You either choose a leather one or a beheaded one. But now that it become so popular, there are literally hundreds of varieties and brands, making your decision even harder.

That’s why many make the mistake in choosing a good quality rope. But to burn a good chunk of calories, you need an effective jump rope that makes you hop comfortability. Thus it’s important to get a quality rope that lasts long and costs very little. So we are giving you 10 best jump ropes that has all the qualities of a good jump rope.

10 Best Jump Rope Review 2017

Benran Adjustable Jump Rope

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Equipped with custom foam handles and made from 3M PVC wire, the Benran adjustable rope is fit to use on even the toughest surface. The high quality 3M PVC wire ensures that the rope won’t rip, tear or break with continued intense use. And for strong grip and comfort during use, the ergonomically designed soft foam handles are included. Furthermore, Benran incorporated super speed ball bearings in this foam handles for a fast and effortless rotation

The heavy-duty jump rope from Benran provides you with high-speed yet smooth and comfortable workout. This fully adjustable rope is ideal for men, women, and children.
  • Top rated speed rope
  • Super-speed ball bearing for smooth effortless rotation
  • Effectively builds endurance, reflex, and stamina
  • Premium quality 3M PVC construction
  • One size fits all; universal fit
  • Includes custom foam grips
  • Very affordable

  • Handles of the Benran jump rope often get detached from the main body.

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King Athletic Cardio Fitness Jump Rope

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Designed for the toughest CrossFit athletes, the super-fast Cardio Fitness Jump Rope from King Athletic is easily adjustable and made for both men and women athletes. Athletes below the height of 6’10” can use this rope without an issue and you can adjust the rope length in the shortest amount of time according to your desired height and length.


In addition to great adjustability, the King Athletic rope utilizes smooth, high speed bearings in the handles which reduces hand tiredness and prevents blisters while providing super cushioning to your hands.
  • Durable, extra strong PVC rope
  • High speed bearings
  • Includes foam grips for maximum comfort
  • 100% adjustable length
  • Ideal for both short and tall people
  • Comes with double exercise e-books

  • The King Athletic jump rope is very much lightweight and it often reduces speed capacity of the rope.

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Ziyue Premium Speed Jump Rope

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Constructed from top class 3M PVC material and long-lasting nylon, Ziyue Jump Rope ensures that you have the best workout experience ever. Being on top of the list of jump ropes, this rope is highly durable and an ideal equipment for all kinds of exercises. The cable handles consist on an added foam padding that reduces the strain on your hands while doing intense jumps and exercises.

Very much alike any other jump ropes, high performance ball bearings are attached which reduces the risk of tiring your hands and therefore cuts down your workout time.
  • Ideal for sports training or regular exercises
  • Adjustable cable for desired length
  • Durable
  • Foam padding on handles to reduce hand fatigue
  • High performance ball bearings on rope
  • Available in various color options
  • Affordable price

  • In rare cases, there might be chance of the rope breaking off after few uses.

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Crux Gear – CrossFit Speed Jump Rope

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If you are a CrossFit beginner and looking for something cheap, then you can consider buying the CrossFit Speed Jump Rope from Crux Gear. This lightweight rope is a refurbished product which went thought a various functionality testing procedures to ensure top quality. Designed to be fast, this jump rope is weighted, so that you can have smooth and fast swings and can perform effortless multiple doubles.

This extremely durable jump rope has an adjustable and non-kink cable, and features a swivel connection between the rope and the handles to deliver a smooth, speedier rotation.
  • Lightweight design
  • Delivers clean comfortable swing
  • Perfect for double under
  • Includes two different wires for perfect workout
  • Comes with a carrying bag and all relevant accessories

  • As this jump rope is a refurbished product, it may contain some blemishes and scratches.

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321 STRONG Plastic Fitness Jump rope

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Manufactured to improve your fitness workouts, 321 Strong Plastic Fitness Jump rope is made from braided steel wire and coated in PVC to avoid friction. Whether you are willing to ace your roping skills or perform different form of exercises, the perfectly designed long handles deliver superb grip support. The cable is long enough for both men and women up to 7 feet tall which is secured with vinyl end caps to avoid scratches. The handles are placed at a 90 degree angle turning which allows smooth rotations and the cable does not get tangled like the usual long ropes.

This Plastic jump rope is ideal for Bodybuilding, Boxing, and Cardio Exercises, and perfect for home and outdoor workout exercises.
  • Cable can be easily adjusted according to height
  • Perfect for men, women and children
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in attractive color range
  • Affordable price.

  • The PVC coating might wear off a bit due to hitting on hard surface.

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Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope

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The heavy-duty professional grade PowerSkip Jump rope from Epitomie Fitness is a combination of attractive design and great features. It is manufactured from polymer coated speed rope and includes ergonomic designed, ball bearing memory foam handles. These ensure that you can comfortably skip your rope as fast as you can handle and your hands will be away from blisters and fatigue that can be caused due to excessive exercise.

The Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope ensures excellent performance with least effort, and other than just skipping, this rope can be used for MMA, boxing and other fitness workouts.
  • Professional Grade jump rope
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for strong grip
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Variety of color combinations
  • Provides maximum comfort

  • The PowerSkip jump rope doesn’t come with instructions about how to adjust the rope length.

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Survival and Cross Jump Rope- Premium Quality

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Best for CrossFit and MMA style workouts, the premium quality jump rope from Survival and Cross is designed to be extremely lightweight and assured not to tangle. Survival and Cross made this jump rope with highest quality steel cable coated in protective polyurethane and added tapered handles to it. This ensures maximum durability and enhances your jump speed. And the tapered handles speed up the natural wrist action and produce a super-fast rotation with the help of a swivel ball bearing system.

For customization purpose, Survival and Cross incorporated two sliding screws and collars to this jump rope for easy length adjustment and enables you to cut the excess rope without any hassle.
  • Enhances natural wrist action
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Contains tapered handles
  • Tangle free jump rope
  • Fully adjustable length
  • Comes with a downloadable exercise manual

  • The handles of the jump rope splits open during heavy exercise.

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Jump Rope by Master of Muscle

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For fast, friction free spinning and to perform double under quickly, Master of Muscle made this Jump rope from plastic coated lightweight wire cable. This 9 feet long wire cable also prevents tangling, bending and any kind of kinking during exercise performance. Therefore, you can continue your exercise without interruptions. Moreover, the rope’s easy grip handles are at 90 degree angle to ensure fast spinning.

The Master of Muscle jump rope is designed especially for CrossFit exercises and double under. This rope provides smooth rotation without extra effort and assists to build speed quickly so that you can master double under in no time.
  • Provides smooth rotation without extra effort
  • Super grip
  • Doesn’t kink and tangle
  • Includes a rubber sheath for durability
  • Comes with a screw kit
  • Great price
  • Handles provide smooth speed

  • The handles of this jump rope are a bit small and it’s hard to fit in big palms.

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WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

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Specially made for cross fitters who want to master double under, the Speed Jump rope from WOD Nation is very fast and provides extremely stable and comfortable rope rotation. This jump rope is made from 2.5 mm coated cable and includes articulating swivel bearing handles. WOD Nation uses a patented 4 bearing system in this speed jump rope, two of which is in the handles and the other two in the rope to hold the coated steel cable securely.

Aside from jump and cross fitting, this speed rope can be used for endurance training and to create stable swings.
  • Patented 4 bearing system
  • Manufactured from durable cable
  • Sturdy and easy to hold handles
  • An additional cable is included
  • Creates stable swings
  • Available is various colors to fit personal preference
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • The rope is customizable

  • This Speed jump rope from WOD Nation kinks very easily.

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Jump Rope by Fitness Master

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The nine feet long jump rope from Fitness Master can be easily adjusted according to your height and preference. This rope is made with tangle free, lightweight thermoplastic wire cable to provide ultimate protection and ultra-fast, friction free spinning. Fitness Master added smooth, ball bearing handles to this rope for non-slip secure grip which prevents injuries and accidents.

Other than cross fitting, you can use this rope for Cardio Exercises, MMA Training, Mastering Double Under, Bodybuilding, Boxing and other exercises.
  • Thermoplastic black urethane coating cable
  • Smooth handling bearing system
  • Provides friction free, fast spinning
  • Contains screws to adjust the cable accordingly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts
  • Includes free E-book

  • The assembly process of this jump rope can be often tricky.


Buying Guide

Picking the right jump rope for you is essential if you want to get the most out of jump rope training. Here you may go through some considerations before purchasing a new jump rope.

Speed rate

You should consider speed of rope if you want to go fast with your rope. Higher speed means faster turning and faster jumping. Speed ropes are usually used for speed jumping competitions and CrossFit. It is also preferred for training purposes.


There are different materials for the rope such as vinyl, nylon, leather, and steel. Some Cloth Ropes are available in double Dutch rope lengths only. But these ropes easily get dirty when used outdoors. In damp conditions, leather or nylon ropes, or wooden handles are also not recommended. solid phthalate-free vinyl cord is more popular for skipping as it is lightweight, easy grip and easy to turn at high speed. PVC coated cables are most durable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. For indoors, you can use weighted jump ropes if jumping is your main form of workout.


As for length, this all depends on the height of jumper. When a jumper jump over the rope, the rope must skirmish the floor beneath his feet. Otherwise, it is too short. It’s better to pick up a jump rope that comes in one set size. So that you can resize it for different activities and people.


Behind the material to choose the rope of right thickness and density is also very important. PVC or 4 mm steel ropes with high/medium density are the most suitable for beginners. But for CrossFit or functional workouts, use 2.5 mm steel cable ropes if you are an expert. If you are interested in martial arts, the 4 mm steel or leather ropes are your top choice.


Handles with swivel bearings are typically found on speed jump ropes. It helps to eliminate the friction and allows rotation of the cord. For better control, the heavier handle is preferable for the beginners. But to achieve high-speed, lightweight handles are required. Metal handles are more strong and durable. Before purchasing, make sure you feel comfortable with it and can grip it easily.


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