10 Best Polarized Sunglasses 2017

For fishermen and boaters, reflecting sun rays are the worst thing that can happen. But they can easily avoid this situation by using a pair of polarized glasses.

But to keep the sun rays away from your eyes, the glasses should be perfectly dense and tinted. Otherwise, they won’t be able to reflect the rays. But how do know if they are tinted appropriately or even polarized? That’s why we brought this reviews on 10 best-polarized sunglasses that are chosen from the market after evaluating their features, pros, and cons.

10 Best Polarized Sunglasses Review 2017

MERRY’S Unisex Polarized Aluminum Vintage Sunglasses

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MERRY’S combined affordability and great style – all in its Polarized Aluminum Vintage sunglasses. Its frame is constructed of metal alloy and plastic, making it lightweight and durable at the same time. You can also adjust the frame arms and nose bridge according to your comfort level that suits you best.

The glasses of this pair of sunglass is also made up from a combination of plastic and glass and added polarized lenses to it. To prove its polarization and show how these lenses work, MERRY’S included a sample card in the sunglass pouch.

  • Composite, polarized lenses
  • Very much affordable price
  • Provides high-definition views
  • Brilliant optical performance
  • Easy cleaning and very much durable
  • Unisex; suitable for both men and women use
  • Various lens colors available

  • MERRY’S Vintage sunglasses are very cheap in quality and breaks off easily.

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Suncloud Zephyr Polarized Sunglass

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Suncloud produced the Zephyr Polarized sunglass that is so lightweight that you won’t even feel the weight on your face. Grilamid® TR90 nylon is used to produce the frame which provides maximum flexibility and a universal fit. Additionally, the frame is also impact resistant and virtually shatterproof.

Moreover, Suncloud used eight base curved polarized lenses in this Zephyr sunglass which are made from molded polycarbonate. These UV protected lenses eliminate glare without distorting colors to deliver sharp and clear vision.

You can use these sunglasses for various outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and biking without any worry.

  • Virtually shatterproof and super lightweight
  • Injection molded polycarbonate polarized lenses
  • Eight base curve lenses
  • Grilamid® TR90 nylon constructed frame
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Extreme impact resistant
  • Universal fit

  • The coating of the Zephyr Sunglass peels of very easily.

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ATTCL Driving Polarized Sunglasses for Men

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One of ATTCL’s most fashionably designed pair of sunglasses is its Driving Polarized Sunglasses. ATTCL added polycarbonate polarized lenses to this exquisite pair of sunglasses which delivers 100% UV protection and safety from shatter, scratch, and environmental damages. These lenses also effectively reduce glare and haze to provide stunning clear view and more comfort to your eyes.

ATTCL constructed the frame of this sunglass with extra strength aluminum magnesium alloy.  These alloys are very strong yet very light and are unbreakable. These qualities make the sunglass very comfortable and durable.

  • Effectively reduces glare
  • Extra strength aluminum alloy frame
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Hydrophobic coating
  • Highly comfortable
  • Comes with case and cleaning cloth

  • The nose pads included in the ATTCL Sunglasses come off within few weeks of using.

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Maui Jim Lighthouse Polarized Sunglasses

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A unique feature of the Lighthouse Polarized Sunglasses from Maui Jim is that it incorporates saltwater effective frame and lenses which enable you to use it under the sea for clear vision. The modern designed frame is made very lightweight with rubber nose pads for more comfort and non-slip feature.

In the sunglass lenses, Maui Jim used color-infused PolarizedPlus2 technology for sharp and splendid color contrast and protection from harmful blue light and UV rays.

This ultimate comfort providing sunglasses are not only suitable for fishing, but you can wear this sunglass pair for an array of outdoor activities.

  • Super comfortable; very much lightweight
  • Used Color-infused PolarizedPlus2 Technology
  • Saltwater resistant frames
  • Saltwater effective lens
  • Flawless finish
  • Non-slip
  • Includes rubber nose pads
  • Highest protection from UV rays

  • The frame material of the Lighthouse Polarized Sunglasses is very much flimsy.

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Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

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Men’s Sports Polarized sunglasses are one of the many functional glasses manufactured by Duco. The lenses of Duco Sports sunglasses are TAC polarized and provide your eyes with 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. These lenses are also impacted and scratch resistant and break free. They will not break even if you hit the lenses with a hammer.

Duco made the glasses so lightweight that you can hardly feel the weight on your face. To construct the frame, Duco used aluminum magnesium alloy which is very sturdy and durable yet lightweight than any other material.

Moreover, you can gently bend the frame and nose pads for a more comfortable fit.

  • High grip nose pads
  • Stronger anti-scratch coating
  • Can be inclined to tailor fit
  • Excellent peripheral vision
  • Premium protection against harmful UV rays
  • Ergonomic design; unbreakable frame
  • Provides great value for money

  • The lenses of this polarized sunglass get easily stained and may block your vision.

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Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses-Tr90

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Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses are a fashionable pair of sunglass within an attractive price range. They manufactured this sunglass frame with strong German polycarbonate material. This material made the frame super lightweight and extremely durable. Lightweight sunglasses are excellent for running, climbing, skiing and motorcycle and bicycle riders that’s why there is no reason for you to hate it.

Moreover, Duduma incorporated Japan made, seven layers TAC polarized lenses to this sunglass pair to restore the true color of objects and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Additionally, these lenses help to eliminate reflection and scattered glares to provide more comfort to your eyes.

  • German Polycarbonate constructed frame
  • Seven layers TAC polarized lenses
  • Blocks harmful UV rays
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Eliminates reflection and scattered glares
  • Various color combination available
  • Great price range
  • Ideal for both men and women

  • There is distortion in the lens and makes it hard to focus on the object.

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Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses

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Made from highest quality materials, the Maverick Polarized sunglasses are much durable and comfortable. This pair of sunglasses are super lightweight and delivers premium protection to your eyes. The perfectly crafted Triacetate plastic lenses are polarized and have UV coating. This UV coating protects your eyes from harmful UV rays while the polarized lenses deliver clear vision by reducing glare with minimal color distortion.

The Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses are a better choice for fishermen because this pair doesn’t slip off of the face easily. The rubberized temple fits and the nose pads provide a comfortable grip and secure fit for all day long.

  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Triacetate plastic polarized lenses
  • AcuTint coloring lenses
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 100% Protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • Lenses reduces eye fatigue
  • Provides clear visibility
  • Fits on every head size
  • Attractive price range

  • This Maverick Polarized sunglass gets easily scratched.

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RIVBOS 801 Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 5 Interchangeable Lenses

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RIVBOS 801 Polarized Sports Sunglasses provide maximum comfort with superior protection from damaging UV rays. These sunglasses are designed for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, diving and fishing.

This pair of sports sunglass comes with five interchangeable polycarbonate lenses which include one polarized lens and four colored lenses. The polarized lens restores true colors by eliminating reflection and scattered light and delivers the more precise vision. All the lenses are made from a shatterproof durable material, thus are very strong and long-lasting.

  • Includes five interchangeable polycarbonate lenses
  • TR-90 polymer frame
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Includes built-in head harness
  • Shatterproof
  • Provides more precise scenario

  • Though this pair of sunglasses comes with five interchangeable lenses, only the black lenses are polarized. Others are just colored lenses.

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Oakley Men’s Holbrook Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

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The polarized lenses of the Oakley Men’s Holbrook Sunglasses provide 100% protection to your eyes by preventing the penetration of harmful UVA and UVB rays and blocking damaging blue light up to 400mm. These lenses also optimize peripheral visions and provide side protection of 6 base lens curvatures.

Moreover, 99% of reflected glare is filtered out through these polarized lenses without optical distortion and haze to deliver clear, comfortable, razor-sharp vision.

To make this Men’s Holbrook Sunglasses durable and lightweight, Oakley made the frame with stress-resistant O-Matter material which provides all-day comfort and protection.

  • Plutonite polycarbonate lens
  • UV protection
  • Optimizes peripheral vision
  • Side protection
  • Blocks harmful blue light up to 400mm
  • Three-point fit
  • Matter frame
  • Lightweight and stress resistant
  • Made from 100% Synthetic material
  • Impact Resistant

  • This pair of sunglass is a bit expensive and is less trendy according to some customers.

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William Painter – The Hook Titanium Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

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Japanese Nylon lenses are world’s best-polarized lenses that are scratch resistant, ultra-lightweight and have best optical quality. Willian Painter used these nylon lenses in its Hook Titanium Wayfarer Sunglasses to reduce strain on your eyes and make objects clearer to see. These lenses work great underwater and on very bright sunny environment.

Moreover, William Painter used aerospace grade forged titanium and military strong black armor coating to make the pair of sunglass more durable and comfortable. Additionally, if you have an eye-sight problem, you can install your eye power in the lenses by your optician; the Hooker sunglasses are always prescription ready.

  • Used aerospace grade titanium
  • Ultimate comfort and durability
  • Rear weighted balance
  • Includes Japanese Nylon polarized lenses
  • Scratch resistant
  • 100% UV protection
  • Hypoallergenic feature

  • The looks of this pair are pretty straightforward and traditional. So it is not for those who are looking for funky glasses.


Buying Guide of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are most popular among the boaters and fishermen as it reduces reflected glare from the water surrounding them. There are several different things that affect how well a pair of sunglasses work. So choosing the right glasses according to your need is quite difficult. Here are some points you should bear in mind while purchasing a polarized sunglasses.

UV protection

Ultraviolet light is harmful for human skin and eyes. This ray is invisible and can damage our eyesight along with higher risk of skin cancer. So UV protection should be given the top priority when looking for new sunglasses.

An ideal pair of sunglasses offers not only polarized and anti-reflective lenses but also full UV protection. It’s better to choose sunglasses with 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection that can block up to 400 nanometers.

Visible Light Transmission

Visible Light Transmission means the percentage of total amount of light transmitted through the lenses of sunglasses. It depends on the material, thickness and coating and polarization of lens.

Polarization is applied on the lensses in two different ways – a film layer or a polarizing filter between lens layers and the second one is preferred for fishing, driving and high elevation works. Polarization improves visual contrast by cutting down on glare and prevents reflected light from reaching eyes, especially that is reflected at some angles off the surface of the water.

There are different ways to check if the lenses are polarized or not. You can check it using a LED screen. If the screen turns into black at any angle by rotating it, the glasses are polarized.

Lens materials

It’s not possible to find out from where the light hits on eyes. So sunglasses with wide lenses are safe for full protection. It also helps to filter more lights and prevent entering into eyes.

It is comparatively comfortable to use a plastic lens. If you want higher optical qualities, it will be heavy and uncomfortable to use.

NXT polyurethane is an excellent combination of quality and weight as glass. But it is quite expensive. It’s also scratch-resistant, but on the other hand, acrylic lenses are cheap but can be easily scratched.


The tint or color of sunglasses is very important to filter the surrounding light. It may be darker or lighter. If you want to escape color distortion gray or brown-tinted glasses are best. Gradient lenses are preferable for those who want to block overhead sunlight completely.

Fit and shape

The shape is mostly a matter of taste of the user. But larger glasses are helpful to protect from sunlight.

The glasses should be comfortable, lightweight and fashionable. Before purchasing, make sure that the glasses adjust to you very well. The size of the frame may often be written on the bridge and temples of the frame. If it is not possible to try, you can check the number of the frame which fits you best.

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