10 Best Tens Unit 2017

There’s nothing else that you want more than to be free from the chronic pains which have been suffering you from ages. Though Tens unit is an efficient solution to improve your condition from those acute and chronic pains, the majority of the products do not keep their promises. Instead, using them may cause some side effects at times. So, here we have reviewed 10 best Tens units which are completely side effect free and works properly to relieve you from pains.

10 Best Tens Unit Review 2017

Ohuhu FDA Tens Unit Electric Massager

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With six small and large pads, this unit is designed with multiple outputs. Two people can take a massage with only one machine simultaneously.

Say good bye to all muscle pains. This tens unit is Specially designed to reduce back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, inflamed joints/discs, injuries, chronic pain and more.

The pads don’t require gel to stick in your body. Built-in lithium battery can last up to 10 hours and can easily be charged with USB.

This massager also improves your blood circulation and helps you get a sound sleep. Along with 16 programmed modes, it has time and intensity adjusting function to suit your needs.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Pre-programmed mode
  • Improves Sleep and blood circulation.
  • Adjustable time and intensity
  • Dual output

  • Pads will not stick to your body after 2-3 uses.
  • It takes many days to show its effect.

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truMedicPI-009 TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

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The new TruMedic Pl-009 is very efficient in reducing muscle soreness, stiffness, stress and any types of chronic or acute pain without showing any side effects. It provides your body a delightful electrotherapy that stimulates nerves and muscles to produce pain relieving agent.

Pl-009 has enough power for a thorough electro-massage on the upper or lower back, legs, shoulder, neck, feet, arms, and hands. You just need to select an auto simulation program, certain pulse speed, a massage mode and intensity to free you from the pains you’ve always wanted to get rid of.

  • Two separate channels
  • Easy to understand controls and display.
  • Multiple auto simulation Programs and massage settings.
  • High-frequency pulse for complete relief.
  • LCD for indications
  • Adjustable intensity and speed.

  • No rechargeable batteries.

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iRelievTens Unit and 8 Electrodes Pain Relief

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iReliev Tens Unit is an excellent product for two people as you can have a chat and electrotherapy with your partner at the same time.

It can give you up to 60 minutes therapy at one click. Independent channel control allows the user to make it even more accessible as he/she wishes. This unit is very affordable and reliable thus preferred among the general customers of all classes.

The belt clip and holster will ensure that the unit remains where it should be. With eight different therapy modes, you can relax and let your pains wash away through an electrotherapy.

  • Stimulates nerve fiber
  • Three AAA batteries for emergency use
  • Increases natural endorphins.
  • Inexpensive and efficient.
  • Independent channel control

  • Preset pulse frequency and width.

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BelmintTens Unit Electronic Pulse massager

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This FDA approved unit is very effective in relieving joint soreness, stress and other chronic pains. After few uses, you might not need to take pain killers anymore.

The alternating electrical simulation flow relaxes the muscles which are causing you the pain, and continuous use improves healing. The five pre-programmed simulation mode can be adjusted according to your need.

You can also use this pulse massager for fibromyalgia, sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. All this automatic unit need is one push on the button with proper adjustment, and you’ll feel the difference instantly.

  • Advanced healing
  • Portable and extremely lightweight.
  • Dual channel
  • Electrodes target specific pain spots.

  • Shorter lifespan compared to other popular brands.

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FDA CLEARED OTC HealthmateForever HM8GL

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Apart from blocking the pain signals from the nerves, this tens unit also helps you toning, firming and improvement of the gluteal muscles by using body building mode (mode 7). With 20 adjustable intensity levels, you can set your desired configuration for immediate relief.

The dual output design with four pads can be used on two different target areas. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery can last more than 10 hours. Its advanced technology sends out various electrical therapeutic waves through the electrodes that relief the tissues and muscles from pains.

  • A pause button for emergency stopping
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 20 different intensity levels to choose from
  • Immediate resultsafter use.

  • Short lifespan

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PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

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With Massage setting, Beat setting and Knead setting, PurePulse is the most customizable unit for sure. Each setting is used for a particular therapy. For example, the massage setting provides gentle stimulation on the muscles to soothing and relaxing them.

Beat setting helps the distressed muscles while relieving pain. And the knead setting is for reduced soreness and stiffness.

This pulse massager is compact and portable too. With dual channel controller, you can easily adjust the intensity of the simulation.

  • Three different settings to apply
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Multiple massage and simulation mode
  • Two independent channels and controls.

  • Slightly underpowered. Thus it’s incapable of targeting certain parts of the body.

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iReliev TENS and EMS Combination Unit Muscle Stimulator

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The extraordinary iRelieve EMS and Tens combines two different therapies into one. Tens unit excites the nerve ends where EMS unit stimulates the muscle. This tens unit is designed to prevent nerve pain signal from going into the brain while increasing endorphin levels and chemical neurotransmitter in the brain.

Due to the raised endorphin levels, you feel less pain and stress. It generates a small amount of microamp rhythmic pulsations to your skin.

There are total 14 therapy modes, seven pain relief modes, 6 EMS muscle strength and recovery modes, and 1 Arthritis mode.

  • Auto control ensures sudden intensity changes
  • 14 Ten, EMS, Arthritis therapy modes
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Dual channel with separate control
  • Increased Endorphin levels.

  • Screen isn’t backlit
  • Non-rechargeable battery.

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FDA cleared HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit

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YK15AB Tens unit emits electrical pulses directly to the targeted points to relax tensed muscle and improve blood circulation. It has eight different electrode pads to relieve any muscle pain. To start a therapy session, you just need to place the pads in pained muscles and select a mode.

With this unit, you can take a long soothing and relaxing session to brush away the chronic pains in your body. The FDA certification is the proof that they are completely safe to take and free of any side effects.

  • Multiple levels of intensity
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Up to 80 minutes longer session
  • Improved blood circulation

  • You’ll need to change the pads regularly.

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truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe Tens Unit

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With a user-friendly operating system, This Tens relief any muscle pain except for the head. It is a perfect solution for back pain, joint pain, any severe pain or chronic pain. Due to the pre-installed modes, you won’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand its uses and operations.

The truMedic Deluxe TM-1000PRO Tens unit has digital control over the left and right channels with 20 intensity level from mild to extreme. With the super rechargeable battery, you can take up to two hours of therapy sessions.

  • Dual independent channel
  • Provides up to two hours of non-stop therapy session.
  • Easy adjustment for speed
  • Labeled status in bright LCD screen
  • Easy push button
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

  • Zipper Case is too small to the unit  and its accessories

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Tens 7000 – Tens Machine for Pain Management

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With 10mA stronger output and other outstanding features, this Tens 7000 unit got the first place in our list. And it is much more durable and user-friendly compared to others on the list. Unlike others, Tens 7000’s pads do not fall from your skin. It sticks perfectly to your body, ensuring a wonderful experience of massaging.

Tens 7000 has multiple amplitude knobs to see the graph intensity of the level setting. It has a resistance of 500 ohms, and a voltage of 0-50 volts with FDA approved safety Amplitude cap.

  • Adjustable settingfor therapy.
  • Highly portable
  • The hip clip on the unit ensures that you don’t need to hold them in your hand all day.
  • The pads are sticky so that they can be attached to the skin easily and quickly.
  • Amplitude cap for safety.

  • Can’t be recharged.

Buying Guide

If you don’t know what to look for in a Tens unit, you might end up using one that doesn’t affect you or even worse, like giving you few side effects. So, read the complete buying guide below and make sure you don’t fall for the wrong product.

Modes and Programs

Almost in every modern day OTC Tens Unit, there are preset modes or programs. The modes are set for a particular type of massage. The price of any unit depends on how many modes they feature. When buying a unit, make sure it has the mode you need most. For example, if you are facing acute back pain, the unit should have a back pain mode.


The majority of the units have dual channels nowadays. But only the dual channel feature can’t make it great. The control of the channels is more important than the channels themselves.

Buy a unit which has independent control for each channel. In this way, two people can adjust the intensity with their preferences. For example, if you have pain in the shoulder but that doesn’t mean your spouse or friend should have the same problem. He might have joint pain or back pain. So it wouldn’t be helpful unless the channels can be set to different modes and intensity.


Electrode pads are essential in a Tens unit. You need to make sure the pads are good enough to stick in your body. Some units come with spare pads. Try to keep few pads in reserve.

Intensity Level

One thing most people misunderstand that the intensity level indicates the machine’s power. But they’re totally wrong. If a device has 50 levels, it only means it will go through the power range in increments of two percent where a 25 level machine is adjusted in increments of four percent. Read the product description to learn the intensity levels and their adjustments.

Ease of Use

Ensure the buttons are labeled clearly so that a new patient can use it efficiently without asking too much question to others. For the screen, LCD is preferred because they give you a clear view of the readings and levels of the machine. Though a huge screen is not important, you should choose a 3×3 inches screen for ideal display.


Not all units have a rechargeable lithium battery. But it’s important because you would not like to run for battery after 2-3 uses. Ensure the battery is capable of storing enough power to accompany you on long tours. These batteries differ in the charging system. Some can easily be charged with USB, and those are the best pick for anyone.


A compact shape is beneficial if you are a constant traveler. Besides the compact shape, weight is another important thing to consider. A machine that runs on AAA or any non-rechargeable battery is heavier than rechargeable units because only the batteries are going to weigh about an ounce. Besides, you’ll need to carry spare batteries along. That’s why rechargeable machines are much more portable.

Accessories As I have mentioned before, some of the machines come with spare pads. It’s wise to carry some extras because most of the pads don’t easily stick to your body after few uses. In that case, an additional set of pads will come in handy.

Warranties Very few machines come with two years warranty. Although they are slightly inexpensive, it is wise to pick up the ones with a longer warranty. You should also learn that what damages and problems the warranty covers. In this way, you can be more careful while using the machine outside your home.

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