10 Best Testosterone Boosters 2017

Ever wonder why you are feeling low these days?

This can be a result of your age, but mostly it’s due to your hectic and monotonous life that makes you lose the energy and confidence you were meant to have. That’s why natural testosterone boosters are being a popular demand nowadays. These demands lead many supplement company to come forward and create their own formula that elevates the testosterone level in the body. Unfortunately, there are tons of bluffed products in the market. For that, we’ve put together a list of 10 best testosterone booster that’ll help you with your sexual performance.

10 Best Testosterone booster Review 2017

boostULTIMATE Testosterone Booster

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boostULTIMATE is an ultimate combination of 0.6% Maca, L-Arginine, Ginseng Blend, and Tongkat Ali. Besides boosting testosterone levels, it is known for enlarging your penis size.

L-Arginine in the mixture ensures healthy blood flow by converting itself into Nitric Oxide to widening the blood vessels.
The presence of Magnesium helped us put it on our list. Continuous consumption can prevent erectile dysfunction and excessive stress.
After reading through the reviews of verified purchases and talking to few users personally, we can assure you that boostULTIMATE can actually help you become strong and big, naturally and quickly.

  • Increases your sex drive and libido
  • Strengthens the blood vessels.
  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Expensive compared to other products

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Natural Testosterone Booster

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RawHonest brought this supplement as a powerful solution for your hectic lifestyle that left your feeling drained and exhausted. It is made by utilizing the natural ingredients from the lying around us.
With Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, and Ashwagandha roots, it is known to increase your vitality drastically. This product is suitable for those who follow a strict routine.

As it is a vegan capsule, any men more than 18 can take this. You don’t need to bother about the ingredients. All of their components are 100% organic. That’s why no worries about the side effect cause it’ll have none.

  • Vegan capsules.
  • Massive increase in GNC performance and Vitality

  • Many users complained about unwanted weight gain.

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Six Star Testosterone Booster Supplement

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Unlike other supplements in this list, Six Star has ample research and results to back their formula and effect on boosting Testosterone levels.
The company’s 7-week human clinical study proved that it could maintain peak testosterone level to the cortisol ratio. The test subjects of the clinical study got their testosterone levels increased in just seven days. You would be able to feel the difference from the very first week.

Six Star guarantees you about avoiding the banned herbals and ingredients. Specially used Gingko Biloba among the ingredients benefits you physically and mentally. Even with the continuous consumption, you won’t lose muscle tissues.

  • Maintains peak testosterone to Cortisol ratio.
  • Reduces risks of losing muscle tissues.
  • Enhanced potency.

  • Sometimes consumptions result in acne, insomnia, and headache.

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TESTOBOOST Test Booster Supplement

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BioScience Nutrition developed this formula for bodybuilders and strength athletes such as gymnasts, firefighters, etc.
The Saw Palmetto in the supplement enhances test levels and sexual drive. Hawthorn keeps your blood flow natural and aids energy loss. To build up leaner muscle, it contains organic Tribulus Terrestris extracts.

TestoBoost is best for those men who need a boost on a daily basis. Asian Long Jack will make sure they get a boost in their libido and passion.

  • Allergen free
  • Helps you get a deeper sleep
  • Slight increase in libido and muscle mass

  • Bodies react differently on their first consumption.

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BOOST ELITE Test Booster

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Boost Elite is a combined package of veggie capsules to boost both your sexual satisfaction and sexual performance.
Unique “Diindolylmethane” herb in the supplement can also work efficiently against breast, colorectal, and uterine cancers.

The key purpose of this product is to improve your blood flow, resulting in efficient nutrient delivery as well as better erection.
Besides elevating libido in your body, it can enhance your mood too. To become a passionate, energetic and focused man, it’s the best pick for you.

  • Leaner muscle mass
  • Makes your experience more intense and satisfying.
  • Turns you into a more focused and energetic man.

  • Ingredients like Yohimbe can cause anxiety and sweat, sometimes a headache.
  • Few users report stomach ache and digestive issues.

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CODE:BOOST Natural Premium Testosterone

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Health Code Labs’s “CODE: BOOST” is a potent blend of ingredients that take you to the next level in gym and bedroom.
Powerful L-Arginine makes muscle building easier and increases your stamina to a great extent. Enhanced libido makes your sexual experience even more satisfying.

CODE: BOOST has no side effect rather it gives the user a sound sleep. No matter what your age is, by taking these pills regularly, you’ll be as powerful as you were in your 20s.

  • Relaxing sound sleep
  • Very efficient if consumer has Zinc Deficiency
  • Satisfying bedroom experience

  • Effect doesn’t last very long

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Super Test: Testosterone Booster

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Apart from boosting up your testosterone level, Super Test helps to build up naturally leaner muscles. It is also efficient in burning up unwanted fats of your body.

The formula was tested by a third party to ensure the quality it supposed to maintain. Subjects showed drastic improvement in T-level within one week of the test.

Almost every type of man especially athletes, body builders and those who need regular stamina or endurance, loved the product due to its immediate effect.

  • Burns up excessive fats in the body.
  • Increases sexual performance and erection.
  • Active within the first week of use.

  • Mild anxiety is a minor side effect.
  • Sometimes proven to be ineffective for few people.

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Superior Labs Test Worx

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Test Worx is an herb-based male enhancement product that helps you build muscle mass and improve Sexual performance. They claim to work by releasing the testosterone trapped in the fat cell to boost the levels of various hormones throughout your body. According to the company, users can feel the change within 2-3 weeks.

Lower doses can reduce stress and anxiety. Regular consumption can reduce the recovery time between workouts. The supplement also enhances your stamina and strength with the first two or three weeks.

  • Enhances male vitality.
  • Effective against stress and anxiety.
  • Improves sexual performance naturally.

  • Acne, dehydration and mild agitation are few side effects.

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Sheer Testosterone booster

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Sheer Test is a clinically efficient product for elderly and unconfident men who seek extreme satisfaction from their body in a workout, gym or any other aspect of life.

Magnesium Stearate in the formula is a great accelerator to the testosterone enhancing process.
Its potency and purity is cGMP quality tested and acts as an excellent antidepressant. Complete natural formula makes them unique in the industry. Besides, their formula and attempts to elevate testosterone level are backed up by various researches and studies.

  • Ample amount of Magnesium and Zinc to enhance testosterone level.
  • Gain better results from workouts
  • Better blood flow and mood
  • Starts to show effect within few days of consumption

  • The effect wears off if discontinued for a short period

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Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement

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For a number of reasons, Prime Lab’s Men’s Testosterone Supplement is the best product on this list. Although Prime Labs brought this product for boosting the levels of sex hormone, primarily in a male body, this product is also very fast in developing muscle mass, elevating energy levels, enhancement in libido.

The horny Goat Weed in the ingredients improvises erectile dysfunction and spontaneous ejaculation. Along with natural plant extracts, they emphasize essential minerals like Boron, Magnesium, Calcium, Silicon, etc. on the supplement combination.

  • Helps to achieve leaner muscle.
  • Solves erectile dysfunction
  • Enhances sexual desire 2-3 times.
  • Takes a little time to show the effect.

  • Expensive compared to other products

Buyer’s Guide

It’s important to evaluate the product before buying. Otherwise, you can end on a bed with a severe headache rather than enhanced strength and sex drive. That’s why some key aspects of the products should be considered wisely before you even think of purchasing them. Here’s a brief overview of those aspects:

Avoid Proprietary Blends

The proprietary blend is an FDA loophole. This allows the manufacturer to avoid sharing the exact amount or volume of the individual ingredient in the supplement. They mix up the components according to their patterned formula. But when it comes to the labeling, they only include the name of the ingredients on the cover with the total volume of the mixture.

By doing this, the manufacturer shows that they are using a key ingredient in the supplement without disclosing the amount being used in the formula. They can now make noise on a particular essential element just by using a negligible amount in the product. Consumers are often misguided by these type of labeling. That’s why you should choose a pack that has a proper indication about the usage of the ingredients and its partial volume. Remember, transparency is must for these supplements.


The number of capsules you’ll be expected to take per day to feel the full effect of the supplement is referred as serving. It can vary massively from brand to brand or age to age. Ideally, you should be asked to take 3-4 pills per day which are enough. But if any supplement asks you to take 5-6 pills per day, it’s legit to imagine that the pills effect is not good enough and that’s why you are being asked to take a higher dose. Similarly, if you are asked for only one pill a day or in 2 days, the chances are high that these pills contain a highly concentrated amount of the ingredients that may lead to some side effects. Please avoid buying these type of supplement which recommends excessive or inadequate amount of consumption.


There are few hallmarks of quality you can utilize to distinguish a trustworthy company from the type of paper thin pop-up outfit who’ll be packing up at the first sound of sirens.

First, you need to know about the manufacturer and their location. Make sure the location they are using is FDA and GCP certified. Look for the credible testimonials. Don’t fall for fake review and ratings. You’ll find tons of fake reviewed products with 4.5+ ratings where in reality they don’t even use the proper materials for testosterone booster supplement.

You can easily recognize them by the fake reviews. See the time of those reports. If they were written around the same time, you could tell that they are fake. Besides, the writing can sometimes feel like a proper advertisement of that product rather than an actual review. Look out for those.

Ratio of the ingredients

Nowadays, from the web, you can easily find the primary effects of each component that are used in the supplement. Similarly, their prescribed volume and ratio for certain ages can also be found on the web. Cross check the figure with the supplement’s label. Make sure the company is using the exact ratio that is prescribed by doctors.


Make sure your favorite supplement has some key ingredients that are extremely helpful in boosting testosterone level in your body.

Fenugreek: It’s a herb from Southern Europe and Western Asia which is a great testosterone booster. It increases libido and testosterone levels drastically. Look for this herb in the ingredients label on your supplement.

Zinc: Zinc is essential for testosterone production. Inadequate amount of zinc in the body can cause a serious malfunction in testosterone production. Most of the testosterone booster supplement has Zinc as a core element.

Magnesium: Magnesium is another great source for testosterone reproduction. It accelerates the process actually. Ample amount of magnesium in the body can enhance your sense and strength. It can be taken as a supplement or by magnesium enriched food.

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    Andrew October 22, 2017 at 5:55 am

    BoostUltimate was a perfect fit for me and I noticed the first good things shortly after starting taking it. I think it was after 3-4 days that I felt an increase in sex drive. I also felt like I had more energy than before and it’s like my mind works better and faster now.

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