10 Best Yoga Mats 2017

You need full concentration on your yoga while you practice the asana and challenging postures. But if you don’t have a mat with adequate cushioning and non-slip surface, you may need to divert your focus from the yoga session. But n matter if you are a beginner or an amateur, you won’t like diverting your attention from the reason you are on your mat.

That’s why, it is necessary to buy a yoga mat that gives you comfort, safety, and portability. But many fail to find all these features in one yoga mat. So we are bringing this list of 10 best yoga mat that we picked up from the market after evaluating their features, pros, and cons.

10 Best Yoga Mats Review 2017

Fit Spirit Premium Printed Yoga Mat

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With vibrant and cheerful color, this one is an eye catching mat that can provide you with maximum comfort. Its length is comfortable enough for a long person and gives enough support for your wrist and elbow.

Rolls up pretty quickly and the straps with it, allow you to carry anywhere anytime. No matter how wet or slippery your floor is, it won’t slip, and you get a safe feeling while you meditate quietly.

  • Vibrant and cheerful color
  • Good length
  • Cleans easily
  • Adequate comfort for your wrist and elbow
  • Straps to carry out
  • Slip resistance

  • It’s a bit bulky for transport and little squishy for standing postures.

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Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats

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The extra thickness of this lightweight mat has ample cushioning for comfortable support. It also has a reversible texture, which allows it to stick properly to any floor, giving you better traction and slip resistance.

The durable mat is free of the 6Ps, which are DBP, DEHP, BBP, DIDP, DNOP, and DINP. So you can feel safe about it and concentrate in your yoga rather than worrying about swallowing phthalates.

  • Ample thickness for providing maximum comfort
  • Lightweight and easy carry
  • Comfortable and Durable
  • Reversible texture to slippery floor
  • Excellent traction and Anti-Slip
  • Free of 6P

  • This one is slightly squishier.

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Clever Yoga non-slip Yoga Mats

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If you are looking for a yoga mat which has better grip and that doesn’t slip easily, then Cleaver Yoga’s Non-Slip yoga mat is a perfect choice for you. This mat provides the ideal amount of support to your joints while performing slow paced yoga and it is perfect for someone who is suffering from knee problems and back pain.

This mat is made up of TPE materials which are odor less and UV resistant. It is also 100% recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly. The absence of latex and silicon made it super safe for people who are allergic to these materials.

Another interesting feature is this mat is built waterproof. The waterproof surface prevents germs and moisture and sweat from soaking in making the mat pleasant and healthy to use.

  • Eco-friendly; 100% recyclable
  • Free from latex, silicone, and PVC
  • UV resistant
  • Available in variety of vibrant colors
  • Non-Slip bottom and better grip
  • Waterproof construction

  • The mat remains warped and doesn’t lay completely flat.

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Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mats

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Like all other Gaiam yoga mats, this Print Premium mat also comes with different soothing prints and a great variety of color scheme. This mat is a perfect accessory for beginners as well as expert yogis because it provides great cushion and super stability.

The mat has a non-slip bottom, stable surface to practice yoga and provides great support to your back, spine, knees, and elbows.

Though this mat is made up of PVC, it is completely free from six most harmful Phthalates and latex, and therefore it is healthy and safe to use.

  • Budget friendly; affordable cost
  • Free from latex DEHP and 6P
  • Sticky to the floor
  • Extra thick for extra cushioning
  • Lightweight

  • This mat does not have the best immediate grip.

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Heming weight ½ inches extra thick Yoga Mats

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The HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Yoga Mat is suitable and comfortable for people of every sizes and shape. The soft memory foam of the mat grips the floor firmly and maintains the balance of your body while performing workouts. It provides a comforting cushioning to your hands, arms, elbows, back, spine, hips, and knees on hard surfaces. The double sided, non-slippery surface guarantees you of preventing any kind of injury caused by slipping off the mat.

A free carrying strap is included with a mat which makes it extremely portable and travels friendly. Washing of the mat is also easy because of its moisture resistant feature.

  • Moisture resistant
  • Combo packs are available
  • Portable due to carrying strap
  • Nonslip grip avoids injuries
  • Comfortable memory foam

  • Customers object that the mat is extremely flimsy and the top layer starts to lose shape just after a few uses.

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Gaiam Print Yoga Mats

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Gaiam offers a huge variety of printed yoga mats, at affordable prices, to choose from. The prints are not only for decorating purpose; they can help you with your mental state by comforting your mental space.

These flexible PVC yoga mats are 4mm thick with a sticky, non-slip textured surface. They provide extra support to knees, back and other problematic body parts and assist your body in maintaining pose and enhancing proper alignment during yoga. These mats are also suitable for restorative yoga poses.

These mats are washable. You can use vinegar and water to wash the mat and get rid of any unwanted dirt or sweat.

  • Attractive designs and prints
  • Textured surface; non-slip
  • Light weight
  • Phthalates free and latex free
  • Easily washable
  • Ample support

  • Customers complained that from the very first use, the mat begins to fall apart

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Reehut ½ inches extra thick Yoga Mats

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The Reehut High-Density Yoga Mat is designed to provide support and enhance your comfort level while performing yoga, Pilates or other aerobic activities. This mat holds on to a wide range of surfaces and provides you balance, traction and most importantly safety. It comfortably cushions hips, knees, spine, and elbows on hard floors.

The mat is travel-friendly because it is portable, super lightweight and comes with a carrying strap. Not only as a yoga mat, but you can also use this at outdoor picnics as a play mat or bedding and clean it afterward with light soap and water.

Reehut mats are made up of high-density NBR and non-toxic materials, and these are eco-friendly yoga mats approved by RoHS, PAH and REACH.

  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Safety assured; non-slip texture
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a carrying strap

  • Not very durable. Users noticed wears and tears just after a few months using.

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YogaAccessories ¼ inches extra thick Deluxe Yoga Mats

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Want a mat that is extra-long and extra dense? Then YogaAccessories Deluxe yoga mat is just the right kind of mat for you. This 74-inch long mat is twice as thick as any other average yoga mats and provides the right amount of comfort, padding and cushioning your body requires while performing yoga.

YogaAccessories also offers customization facility for this mat. You can custom print the mat with your own design, name or logo for a more personalized feel.

This mat is not waterproof. Therefore you can wash it as you wish to get rid of any dirt or bacteria.

  • Available in great variety of eye-catching colors
  • Twice as dense as any average yoga mat
  • Double sided non-slip feature
  • Superior grip
  • Free from toxic materials
  • Great Price range
  • Long lasting

  • This mat is not sweat proof. It gets super slippery when comes in contact with sweat or water.

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Silver Health & Fitness 71 inches long, ½ inches extra thick Yoga Mats

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The yoga mat from Sivan Health and Fitness is a 1/3 inch ultra-thick mat which is made up from comfortable synthetic memory foam. The foam offers superior impact absorption, balance, and comfort to your body and at 1/3 inch thick, it provides a nice cushioning for the knees and other joints.

This high-density mat from Sivan Health features a smooth surface on one side and a non-slippery, super grip surface on the other which prevents any kind of accidents and injuries during workouts.

Other than performing yoga, this mat can also be used as a Pilates mat and exercise mat. Unlike some other yoga mats, this mat also comes with a carry on the strap for easy portability.

  • Slip resistant surface; secure grip
  • Easy roll up
  • Long lasting; durable
  • Easy cleanup
  • Made from NRB foam
  • Great balance

  • The mat has a strong foul chemical like smell.

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BalanceFrom GoYoga ½ inches extra thick Anti-Tear Yoga Mats

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Balancefrom All-Purpose Yoga Mat is a well-crafted mat which is perfect for your yoga class and home yoga sessions. This is 71 inches by 24 inches mat suitable for people of every shape and size.

To ensure maximum comfort and safety, BalanceFrom made this mat with the high-density foam material and included the double sided non-slip surface. The non-slip surface provides an excellent grip on the floor and prevents you from injuries. And the thick foam material provides great comfort and super cushion to knees, back and other joints.

It is very much easy to wash and clean the mat as it features moisture resistant technology.

  • Double sided
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Easily washable with water
  • Moisture resistant
  • Light weight
  • Exceptional resilience
  • Carrying strap consists of adjustable Velcro

  • Users stated that this mat is not suitable for advanced yoga postures. The mat gets incredibly flat while practicing stretching.


Buying Guide

Things you need to consider before buying a good yoga mat:



Size has to do with the sense of freedom of movement and ease in transitions that we seek when practicing the yoga. The most common yoga mats are 60 cm wide.

The narrow mats are 60 cm wide and well designed to fit more people into a gym room or a Yoga center.

Forget about a yoga mat that does not fulfill its function and makes you feel imprisoned. You shouldn’t pick one in which you cannot move a hair to the right or the left.


Your Yoga mat should be comfortable, and this depends on the thickness and size.

It is impossible to feel comfortable if the mat is too hard (not too thick). You would hurt yourself because you would feel the weight of your body at the ankles.

Has it ever happened to you that you get up and have leg pain or your back hurts? That’s because you’ve been too long on a hard surface. If you are practicing Raja Yoga, or Mental Yoga, in which you hold the position for a longer time, you will notice a pain that will become acute when you want to get up.

The size of your yoga mat also affects comfort.


Thickness is the factor on which it depends our comfort. The ideal thickness of a Yoga mat is between 4 and 6mm. More than 6mm would start to be too soft and less stable. Similarly, less than 4 mm can make you feel your ground.


Look for a yoga mat with a pattern drawn on its surface, so that you are ensured that it is non-slip.

If you have a fear of slipping on your mat, you won’t be able to concentrate on the yoga let alone your meditation. That’s why you need to be sure that yours doesn’t move on the ground when you make different postures.

Easy to clean

When you practice Yoga, you sweat. It’s the sweat, which makes you slip if the mat does not have a good edges. That’s why it is crucial that you buy one that is easily washable. Otherwise, you will fall on the mat when you are trying tough asana and postures.

Good quality

Consider your yoga mat as an investment in health, don’t think about the money. Look for a quality mat that will last for years, and it will be the best thing you can do for your body.

There are plenty of mats on the market. There will be companies that try to focus on that audience that looks for something cheap and offers anything. They are that kind of yoga mats that are smooth, drain, of little thickness, which wears quickly, of polluting materials, difficult to clean, without guarantee. You should fall for that.

Spend few extra bucks to ensure you are getting the best one for you.


When looking for a yoga mat, look into the warranty. It reflects the quality of the mat. Someone who offers you a short warranty is because they know that beyond it, you will have problems.


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