Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Review

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Are you bored of same old Treadmills? Sick of standing up and running?

Guess what, you have a better alternative for your bulky Treadmill that takes a lot of space in your house.

Now you can do a full body workout with Bowflex Max Trainer M5 without giving away much space in your room. So, today we are going to review this particular model for you with in-depth analysis of their features.

About the Brand “Bowflex”

Bowflex has been in the market for a long time, helping fitness enthusiast like you achieving their goal. They have several cardio fitness products in the market, which gain much popularity in a very short amount of time.

Among their line of great products, Max Trainer has been the most successful creation from their workshop, especially their M5. M5 has outrun its predecessor M3 and even its successor M7.

Overview of the Product

The M5 trainer is packed with many useful features that were praised in their previous M3. They also took the recommendation from past users of M3 to make M5 a perfect masterpiece.

Starting from the space saver design to 16 pre-programmed modes, M5 made professionals outperform in any situation. It is best for professional fitness geeks who constantly challenge themselves to do better and achieve higher results. That’s why it is designed in a way that even a harsh workout can’t make any impact to your body. Unlike many cardio fitness machines, this one doesn’t let you feet touch the ground, ensuring you joints and body is not injured in any way.

Overall, the unit has been a fan favourite to all, especially the professionals, because the programs are designed specifically for them. But even a non professional regular enthusiast can reap great benefits from this amazing unit.

Features of Bowflex Max Trainer M5

As discussed earlier, the M5 trainer has some amazing features which make it a must buy for workout enthusiastic. Here are some of the features that make the Bowflex Max Trainer M5 unique and innovative.


Sleek, Compact design

When you put something in your house or gym, you want it to be aesthetically beautiful and it should take up a little space. Keeping that in mind, Bowflex incorporated a sleek compact design in its M5 Max Trainer. It measures 46″ x 25″ and takes very little space in your house.


The sturdy M5 is also very lightweight. It weighs only 143 pounds and is very easy to store and transport from one place to another. You won’t need anyone’s help to carry it around your home.


Resistance Levels

Like many other cardio equipments, the M5 from Bowflex has also some built-in resistance levels. To be exact, it has 16 resistance levels ranging from effortless to extreme difficult; you can go from easy to hard.

It is advised to use low resistance if you want to lose weight fast and for muscle gain and sculpted legs, use high resistance levels. Moreover, the wide array of resistance helps you to avoid fitness plateau while working out.

Additionally, the variety of resistance allows you to create a personalized workout regime that feels exactly right for you.


Integrated pre-set workout programs

Bowflex incorporated many pre-set workout programs in its M5 Max Trainer to make your workout sessions easy and to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

There are 8 pre-set fitness programs and one manual exercise mode incorporated in this max trainer for you to follow. These 8 pre-set programs include Steady State, Stairs, Max Interval, Smart Max Interval, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Calorie Goal and Fitness Test.

The Calorie Burn program helps you to burn 280 calories within a span of 15 minutes and the Max Interval pre-set provides your body with more conditioning during workout session. Additionally, the Steady State delivers a more relaxed, yet very much effective exercise session.


Zero Impact

Running great distance can be hard on your body. It doesn’t matter whether you run on road or on a treadmill, it is going to take a toll on your knees, feet and joints. But that isn’t the case with M5 Max Trainer. The M5 provides you a whole body workout with zero impact on your body.

While you are working out with the Max Trainer, your body stays in constant and continuous contact with the machine rather than hitting the surface repeatedly. This assists you to avoid back pain, joint pain and muscle pains often associated with vigorous workout regimes.

This trainer will hit the core and lower body muscles more than any other exercise equipment without being harsh on your body.


Full body workout

Only a few cardio fitness equipment delivers full body workout and the Bowflex M5 Max Trainer is one of them. It will provide you a complete body workout. Besides calorie burn and other exercises, the M5 helps you to build arm strength and improves your cardiovascular health.

This trainer has two arm placement positions which work on your arms, shoulders, back and chest aside from your lower body.


Heart Rate monitoring (HRM)

To reach desired calorie burning stage and to keep an eye on that, monitoring your heart rate is important. To monitor your heart rate while you are working out, Bowflex added heart rate monitoring sensors to the handle grips of M5 Max Trainer.

These sensors start monitoring your heart rate after just a couple of seconds of holding the side handles. Besides, these sensors also keep a track of your pulse rate. Other than the handle contact sensors, the M5 trainer also comes with a wireless chest strap for continuous heart rate readings. All these readings and monitoring would help you to reach your fitness goals easily.



Most exercise equipment doesn’t come with a backlit and aesthetically beautiful display which works fabulously at the same time.

The M5 comes with a backlit display which you are surely going to fall in love with. It possesses a unique gauge readout which shows your workout intensity and the amount of calories you’ve burned. These readouts motivate you to stay active and achieve your fitness goals.

Moreover, you can sync all your displayed data with your fitness app online via the Bluetooth connectivity.


Two User Profiles

When you set a fitness goal and start working out accordingly, you want to store your everyday exercise data so that it’s easier for you to keep a track of your workout sessions and see how far are you to achieve your goal.

To make storing and tracking of data easier and convenient, M5 delivers you the facility of setting up your user profile. Additionally, your partner or any other family member who uses this trainer for exercise can also store their workout data. Because the M5 provides the facility of setting up 2 user profiles.

The data can also be synced with all your desired devices and fitness apps to get better result and achieve your goal more accurately.


Bluetooth Sync

The M5 trainer comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can now connect your phone or tablet with the trainer and make all your workout stats available on your phone. You can also sync all your exercise data with Apple Healthkit or apps like MyFitnessPal for better tracking of your workout sessions.


Water Bottle holder

Water intake or other energy drinks are essential during workout to refresh your body. While working out, your body sheds lots of sweat and exposes itself to the possibilities of de-hydration. To get rid of this situation and to keep your body hydrated while you are exercising, water intake is important.

Keeping that in mind, the M5 max trainer comes with a water bottle holder placed at the front of the trainer. Now you can fetch your bottle and drink water without even stopping working out.


Media Shelf/ Tablet Holder

You may get bored during exercise or you may want to go through your text messages while working out. To get rid of your boredom and to make reading easy during workout sessions, Bowflex added a Media Shelf/ Tablet Holder to this M5 trainer.

You can now watch a movie or read your favorite book or just listen to music while working out. The holder is placed at the front of the trainer and has every security measure to hold your smartphone/tablet.

This holder is compatible with all models of smartphones and tablets.


Benefits of using Bowflex Max Trainer M5

  • No joint pain and back pain by exercise.
  • The workout has an impact in the whole body and cools down process takes a short time after exercise.
  • 16 resistance levels are suitable for them who prefer advanced level workouts.
  • Heart rate sensors with the trainer for monitoring heart rate.
  • Two user profiles are allowed at a time for saving workout data.
  • It is compact in shape and requires little area compared with other treadmills.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It has phone/tab holder at its front.
  • There is also water bottle holder and rake to hold a magazine.
  • It has a hi-tech display, which is very attractive to look at.


How to assemble Bowflex Max Trainer M5

Here are some suggestions to properly assemble a Bowflex max trainer m5 in your home:

  • For safety purpose, select a hard and level land and assure minimum area of 97”x74.5” for a workout.
  • Adequate height clearance of the workout space should allow considering user’s height and pedal height.
  • Go through the assembly instructions in the manual book properly.
  • Gather all the pieces together to make easy the joining work.
  • Lift the bolts and look through it to help to push them into holes.
  • Get help from other people to quickly finish the assembly.
  • While placing the tube ends into the Leg assemblies, stay alert to avoid possible serious injury, like fingers or hands being caught or pinched.



The Bowflex Company gives a two-year warranty package for the entire machine without any question.

You can return it back within one and half months with 100% money back.

Bowflex is known to be very reliable and they ships machines free. if you by mistake get any damaged parts, returns are also free.


Things we didn’t like

There are a few potential shortcomings of Bowflex Max Trainer M5:

  • Assembly: It takes more than one hour to assemble the machine. Besides, you have to pay extra money if you want them to set it up. But if you want to do it yourself, it will be very difficult without any help from other people.
  • Health hazard: It can’t be recommended for all rather it is found risky for people with heart diseases.
  • Price: Including delivery cost and the charge of professional assembly, the price of Bowflex max trainer m5 is a large amount compared with other treadmill and elliptical.
  • Short term warranty: This is another con we can discuss here. A reputed company like Bowflex should carry the responsibility of their product for a long time. As the price of this machine is very high, obviously, people would want the safety of their investment. My opinion is to increase the warranty at least 3 years more.
  • Advanced level resistance: Beginners are not suggested to buy it. As the lowest resistance level on the max M5 is too forceful for them. It is preferable for those who are already fit.
  • Reverse Motion: Bowflex max trainer m5 poses more stress in the lower joints of the body because of its reverse motion. However, the impact of it is not same as running or walking outdoors.
  • Strength and noise: It is lightweight (around 143 lb.) and that’s why it is unable to provide stability for overweight or chubby people.


Our final thoughts


The Bowflex M5 is positively reviewed by maximum users rather than other two models (M3 and M7) from the company. It’s a perfect match for the professionals who want a good alternative of the treadmill or who want to bring some changes in the exercise.

The main con of M5 is its price is not balanced with its warranty. But its features are latest, resistance levels are very powerful and the size is compact enough. It provides the power of calorie-burning up to 2.5X.

It’s very important to note that gym membership cost per year is much less than the price of Bowflex M5. Some customers also claim that same result can be achieved from a barbell, bench or weights which require much lower price than Bowflex M5.

Overall, It is comfortable to use and easy to operate. It has Integrated Workout Programs and a number of accessories such as a heart rate monitor, big foot pads, reinforced rubber grips, a convenient bottle holder, and more. These tools provide great ease to your workout. You can purchase Bowflex max trainer m5 without no doubt if your budget goes with the price.

9.4 Total Score

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    Robert October 22, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    The Bowflex max trainer m5 was a godsend for me. After exercising on other similar trainers I used to feel a discomfort in my back but now I feel great. I also like that you can save two sets of data as my wife and I like to use it and track out progress individually.

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