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Did you know that climbing can burn more calories than exercising on a bike? Even it can burn twice as much calories that you burn on a treadmill. Fascinating, right?

But it is not possible to go near a mountain and climb every day. Besides, there is a great risk for it. What if I tell you that you can climb mountains in your bedroom? It may sound weird, but there are vertical climbers available in the market, which gives you the feeling of mountain climbing. Not only the feeling, but it can also benefit your body by burning huge amount of calories very fast. But for that, you need to buy a good climber, and that’s why today I’m going to review Max Climber vertical climber.

About the brand “Maxi Climber.”

The company is not that old, but it already presented few amazing products for fitness maniacs like me. If you consider their sale, it is one of the best product from their workshop.

The products from Maxi Climber are extremely affordable, body sculpting and fat-blasting as they say. They always tried to bring muscle and cardio toning in your home and with each product, they have been quite satisfied with their vision.

Overview of Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

The vertical climber is a great equipment to exercise the upper and lower body simultaneously. Maxi Climber made a lot of efforts to provide you all the advanced features in one machine so that you get the best out of it. From the heavy-duty construction to its comforting cushioning, everything was designed to suit any type of person, regardless of their experience with this machine before.

Besides, its height adjustment allows any type of user to hop on it and get himself fit indoors. To make your core engage with the abs in every step, Maxi climber used Bio-X technology in it. Apart from the advanced features, this unit has few safety measures to ensure you are safe in every situation.

Just so that you don’t have to spend hours in the assembly process, Maxi Climber offers the customers a 90 percent pre-assembled unit in their doorstep. All these, just to satisfy the customer with the product and their service.

Features of Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

Though the Max climber may not look very advanced and technical, it has actually got some amazing features to suit all your workout needs and to fulfill your fitness goals.


Sturdy Steel construction

Before buying any exercise equipment, you should consider the durability and the construction of the unit. To make the unit durable, Maxi Climber made this vertical climber with sturdy cold rolled steel material instead of plastic or other light alloys. As light metals and plastics cannot stand vigorous movements during workouts, tough and heavy body is preferred.

The cold rolled steel construction can hold up to 240lbs and doesn’t rock, sway or tip while you are climbing the machine.

Additionally, to position the climber anywhere, like wood, tile or rug, Maxi Climber added a non-slip base to this vertical climber for more convenience.

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Ergonomic design for all body types

There is nothing better than having an exercise equipment that everyone in your family can use. Although each member has their own body types, they can still use this vertical climber for workouts because it is built for all body types and fitness levels.

The ergonomic design of the climber provides comfortable, smooth and low-impact workouts for all.


Bio-X Technology

The Bio-x technology is used in vertical climbers to control the user’s motion during workout sessions. This technology helps you to engage the core and the abs with every step you take on the climber with the support of a motion called cross-crawl.


Adjustable height

The Max vertical climber is suitable for people with different heights and sizes. Be it short or tall; this climber incorporates five adjustment settings to accommodate people of all sizes and heights.

With the five adjustment settings, you can adjust and customize the height of the machine according to your comfort level for more conductive use. It is important to set the height because height adjustment helps you to find the perfect work out a position for you.

The climber can be very dangerous if the height adjustment is not right or you have made mistakes while measuring the height. That’s why it is a very useful feature for any vertical climber.


Automatic Personal Workout Timer

When people start working out, they like to know about how much they have climbed and how much calories they have burnt.

To monitor and keep track of your workout data, Max Climber added an automatic personal workout timer to this vertical climber. The timer digitally displays your step count and amount of calorie burn in every workout session.

The workout timer in the climber will turn on automatically when you begin your work out and turn off at once when you finish your work out.


Isometric Non-Stick Grips

Working out means a lot of sweating. And sweaty palms and feet can cause you to slip off the climbers while working out. This may result in severe accidents. Keeping this in mind and to prevent accidents like these, Max Climbers integrated a pair of Isometric non-stick grip handles and foot pedals to its vertical climber. They ensure the highest level of safety of its users during workout regime. The Isometric non-stick grips provide very firm legs and strong hand grips while you are working out. Besides, the cushioning allows you to feel more comfortable.


Foldable, Easy Storage

When you buy an exercise equipment, you don’t want it to take a huge amount of space of your home. To save your home space and for easy storage, Max climber made this vertical climber much compact and foldable.

You can easily fold this climber when you are not using it and store it in a convenient place. When folded, the climber becomes so compact that it easily fits in a regular sized closet. You can also store it under your bed.


Mobility due to Lightweight Construction

This Max climber weights just 33 pounds. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere and place it wherever you want without much effort. Due to its compact size, it can fit in your car and ready to move around with you.


Foot pedals

Safety of users is utmost priority for Max Climbers. Therefore, while constructing this vertical climber, Max Climber ensured that all the safety measures are properly met.

It incorporated a pair of compactly designed foot pedals to this climber who is framed to fit your foot size and grip the sole of your shoes firmly. These firm grip pedals are included to avoid any kind of potential injuries and accidents,

Whenever you are climbing, you know the importance of firmly grip foots. Firm gripped foots not only prevents injuries, but they also help you to get the most out of the climber during workouts.


90% pre-assembled

Assembling any workout equipment can be hard and sometimes messy. You may even need to hire someone to help you with the assembly process. But this is not the case with Max Climber vertical climber.

You don’t have to waste your time, strength and money to assemble this particular climber. It comes 90% pre-assembled which is one of the greatest features of the Max Climber vertical climber.

When the climber arrives at your doorstep, it is almost completely put together, and you don’t have to waste much time to assemble it completely. You just have to set up the supporting legs at the bottom of the climber, and your climber is ready for working out.


Comfortable Cushioning

Comfortable cushioning is a great factor for your body during workout. If your body is not comfortable while working out, you won’t be motivated for further exercises. Bearing this in mind, Max Climber delivers a smooth and fluid climbing notion, and you won’t feel any kind of jarring and jerkiness while climbing the machine.


Noise Free Operation

This vertical climber doesn’t make any disturbing noise during workouts. Therefore, you can watch tv or listen to your favorite music while climbing without any disturbance.


Benefits of using Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

  • Its height can be adjusted according to the users in five different settings.
  • Workout timer can count calories you burn during the workout, and it works automatically.
  • Stable frame structure and preferable for users up to 240lb.
  • Foldable and can be easily stored in a closet or under the bed.
  • Needs short time to work out the whole body.
  • Assembly process is straightforward and most of the setup made by the company before delivery.
  • To create the resistance, No need for heavyweight stacks or plates.
  • Smooth workouts with low-impact.
  • Provides a new feature bio-X technology which is a plus.
  • No noise occur during a workout which is very comfortable.
  • Price is comparatively less than other gym equipment and affordable for low budget people.


How to assemble Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

As mentioned earlier, the unit comes almost 90% pre assembled. That’s why you don’t need to spend much time on it. Still, here are some obvious tips to assemble the unit:

  • Space about 6 square feet should be cleared before placing it.
  • Check for the materials listed in the manual book. If any part is missing, inform the company for replacing the machine box.
  • Go through the manual book properly and then the assembly instructions.
  • Starting assembly from the base is suggested so that it doesn’t need any support to stand.
  • Remove the nuts and bolts found at the top of the machine. Look through the larger of the two U-bars and attach it with the top cradle.
  • Remove the nuts and bolts from the smaller cradle and fit the smaller of the U-Bars in the cradle.
  • Remove the safety pin of stabilizing bar and align the triangular bar hole with the hole of supporting Then place the safety pin again to join these two bars.
  • You will find some screws near the base of the machine. These screws help to attach pulley strings on both sides of the machine.
  • Add the L-shaped handlebars on both sides of the machine.



The Maxi Climber exercise machine has a limited warranty of 1-year.

You can return it within one month, but $19.95(+29.95) will be charged for that.


Things we didn’t like

Higher ceiling needed: To use a maxi climber, head clearance is a must. For taller people, a higher ceiling is needed. If your ceiling is more than eight ft., you can go with this machine. Otherwise, you might break your bones.

No workout controls: The workout is related to lifting your body weight. There is no way to change or control the resistance level. You can only increase the level by lengthening the steps.

Inaccurate console position: You can’t track the feedback while you are using the machine. You can only get the total result after finishing the workout.

Weight limits of 240 lb.: Maxi climber can’t provide stability to overweight or aggressive people. It can only resist up to 240 pounds.

Good quality shoes needed: The foot pedals have studs in them so that you can’t workout barefooted. You should wear gym shoes or snickers to feel comfortable with the maxi climber.

Lacks advanced workout metrics: It lacks some features such as step counting, unit conversion, etc.

Our final thoughts

For people who are too busy and don’t have more enough for exercise, the maxi climber is suitable. It only takes 20 minutes to finish a cycle of your climbing. It’s compact, comfortable, easy to use, low-cost, and provides full-body workout within a short time.

But honestly, as a piece of home fitness equipment, maxi climber gets mixed opinions from the customers. There is no doubt that it burns calories more than other similar machines with only a very little pain in knees and ankles. But it has no resistance controls system that means people of different fitness level can’t get different facilities from it.

Overall, if you are eligible for its weight capacity and you are comfortable with a stepper, you can go with its quick and full body workout. The company also delivers an exercise DVD along with the device which will be helpful for frequently using its features.

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