ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review

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You may be too lazy to go out, or there is no park around you, but that doesn’t mean your morning walk should stop.

Thanks to the treadmills, you can now easily continue your workout in your home without getting out. So, if you don’t own a treadmill already, it’s high time you should. That’s why today we are reviewing one of the best treadmills from the market which is ProForm 505 CST.

About The Brand “ProForm”

Like every product, there are hundreds of big and small companies that make quality treadmills for their customers. But currently, ProForm is one of the most reliable treadmill brands on the market. And the ProForm 505 CST treadmill is the most convenient and popular treadmill from that brand.

Almost every model from ProForm are affordable and has incredible features to suit any type of runner, whether an amateur or a regular workout geek. The brand promises your complete satisfaction and efficient results of your workout.

Overview of the ProForm 505 CST

ProForm 505 CST is designed in such manner that a runner gets maximum comfort, stability, and enjoyment. It will give you nonstop comfortable exercising experience without the motor being breaking down, trading at a decent incline and high speed.

Besides, if you are short on floor space, the compact and space saver design will make sure to consume minimum space. Its construction and durability are solid that you would want with this range of price. Other important features will be elaborated below.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill’s Features

This one comes with many advanced features and additional comfort. Here is few noticeable one that may affect your experience to the positive axis.


Powerful Motor

When you have a weak motor that stops in between the sessions and makes unnecessary noise, firstly, you will be irritated and then regret your decision of buying it. Besides, your body won’t be benefitted with this interrupted running either you’ll feel relaxed.

Just so that you don’t have to face this type of irritating situation, ProForm used a powerful and unnecessary noise free motor that will never stop even after using the treadmill for hours. This 2.5 CHP electromagnetic DC motor is very efficient in its job. Even in your toughest workout session, the 2.5 Mach Z commercial engine operates silently and smoothly. So the person sleeping next to the wall, won’t be awake for your noise. They can sleep peacefully in the dawn when you are busy shaping yourself.

Besides, the silent motor won’t disturb your Mp3 music or your TV shows. You can watch them and workout at the same time, without getting bothered with any type of motor-made noise. To emphasize on its durability, ProForm gives you 25 years of motor warranty, which proves their commitment to the customers.


High Speed

Not everyone runs at the same pace. That’s why every treadmill gives you freedom of choosing your speed. This one is no different. It can support any type of runner whether an amateur or serious professional. The treadmill will allow up 10 Mile per hour speed that very few machine promises.

If you are an average runner trying to step up your game, it is the one that you should be looking for.


Speed Control

As mentioned earlier, it gives you proper control on limiting your maximum speed. So, if you are just getting started with treadmill, you can ease up the starts and gradually steep up the running pace.


High Incline  

The machine gives you up to 10% incline for the toughest training session, which makes it perfect for those who want to give himself the uphill route challenge.

No only you are getting better training for running on the steep wall, you are also burning your calories at an alarming ratio.

So next time you want to burn couple hundred of calories quickly, you know what to do.


Quick Incline

Running through multiple options to change your inclination and speed can be inconveniencing. That’s why ProForm added quick butto9n that can change your incline as well as speed very comfortably.



Many treadmills in the market may shake or move during your running. It is basically due to the lightweight construction and its stability. This type of treadmill is very dangerous to operate on because you have a higher chance of falling during running on the treadmill. But not with this model. It will not move no matter how fast you move because the part and well-constructed and they are attached to each other very firmly. This allows the treadmill to hold still even at a higher speed. So don’t worry about it getting out of position, it will always be where you placed it.


Comfortable Cushioning  

Not all machine scan give your proper comfort on the legs hips and joints. But ProForm 505 CST treadmill’s ProShox cushioning make sure you don’t feel any discomfort and can continue your workout for a long time.

The cushioned deck ensures the joints and legs don’t feel any stress while you run pretty fast on the belt. Besides the cushioned deck made of ProShox cushioning doesn’t let you feel your past injuries during your running sessions. So even if you have a past injury and scared of ridding on a treadmill, you know that you don’t have to feel scared anymore.


Non-Flex Rollers

If you want a smooth and quiet session, these non-flex rollers can help you with that. The treadmill is equipped with 1.9 inches roller, which is useful in reducing surface tension on the belt, enhancing a quiet and effortless operation of that belt.

The rollers will make sure the belt doesn’t wear and tear easily, making it even more durable than you would think. In spite of being small in size, you won’t hear any noise caused by the belt or the rollers.


High Weight Capacity  

Are scared of getting onto a treadmill because you think it might not sustain your weight? Fear no more. ProForm 505 CST is to the rescue. This one can sustain even the heaviest among us with 325 pounds capacity in the running belt. So don’t just stop if you think you are not heavier than most other. Start running on this unit and shape yourself.


Sturdy Frame  

The robust frame can take up to 10 MPH of high speed and about 10% inclination without even loosening a nut. You can feel safe on it as long as you don’t intend to jump on it.


Treadmill Belt

This 20×55 inches extra-long running belt is a great addition to the sturdy frame. It is ideal for people with average and higher height. So you don’t need to worry if you are very tall and scared of running out of the belt. This long belt will cover your long steps and keep you on the treadmill.

Besides, the long belt also ensures you don’t strain your legs after running big steps for a while. To assure you of its high quality, this belt is tried and tested for one million progressions at the double of user’s weight.


Space saver compact design

It’s natural that you won’t need the treadmill all the time. So it is wise to get a treadmill that can be easily folded and stored in a convenient space. The ProForm 505 CST does just that.

You won’t want the treadmill to take all your space. That’s why the unit is made with a compact design that you can keep on your balcony or bedroom if you don’t have a home gym already.

When you don’t need it, you can just fold it and keep it on the balcony or in the corner of your room. It won’t take the place which it did when unfolded.


LCD Display

You can access your data live as you are working out on the treadmill. This allows you to know your achievement and efforts. Seeing the stats, you can know your progress, and if needed, you can accelerate your progress rate. That’s why it is a crucial feature for professional runners who want to surpass their record and improve their performance.

The 6-inch screen shows your speed, distance covered, inclination, heart rate and calorie burn. So, keeping track of your vitals and performance has become much easier than before.


Workout Programs  

The model comes with 18 workout programs designed by a professional trainer to help you in attaining your desired health goals. With these 18 programs, you improve your calorie burn, muscle nourishment, and weight loss.

So, now you can get professional training at your own home.


2 User Module

If you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy another treadmill for your partner, save your money, cause this one is enough for both of you. Now you can both can use one treadmill and keep track of your progress, thanks to ProForm’s two user module.

Get in shape together with only one treadmill and observe your records. Each module allows you to change speed, incline, etc. according to your preference. So you no longer need to spend money on the second one for your partner. Keep it limited, keep it simple.


Deck Position  

Unlike most other inclined deck treadmills, it allows you to get warm with the flat deck and then shift to higher speed and incline. This way you won’t need to rush, you can easily and slowly speed up things rather than boosting all on a sudden.


iPod / Mp3 Compatibility

If you want to get entertained while you work out in your home, this one got your back. It is compatible with both iPod and mp3. Besides, it has two built-in speakers that allow you to enjoy your music more freely.

Just make sure you connect your mp3 with music port and strap on your shoes to enjoy music with workout. You can also let know other about the song you are hearing, all thanks to the built-in speakers.


Heart rate monitor

Keep track of your heart rate easily with two hand grip sensors placed on the handlebar. They calculate your vitals flawlessly.


Reading Rack

If you are that type of person who likes to read everywhere, this one is a plus for you. You can read and workout at the same time with this model.


Bottle Holder

Heavy working out may cause you to dehydrate. In that case, to keep you refreshed, it has a bottle holder so that you have refreshment with you all the time.


Benefits of using ProForm 505 CST

  • Comfortable workout sessions.
  • Accelerated calorie burn.
  • Proper training for climbing steep heels.
  • Entertainment and workout altogether.
  • Noise free operation.
  • Flat deck to warm up.
  • Reading rack for bookaholic.
  • Ideal for a couple.
  • Advanced training programs.
  • Control over speed and incline.
  • Foldable construction.


How to assemble ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

It comes with all the assembly tools, and the part comes separately in different packs. So if you understand the instructions of the manual, it won’t take much time and effort to assemble it up.

Here is a video explaining how to assemble the treadmill properly.



For Frame: Lifetime warranty.

For motor: 25 years warranty.

For other parts: 1 years of warranty.


Thing we didn’t like

Though we have said again and again that it is one of the, if not the best treadmill on the market but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any flaws. In fact, it has quite a few

Requirement of space

Though it can be folded, one of the main shortcomings is that a large space is required to unfold it and keep it.


The weight of this treadmill is too high to carry. It’s hard to set up and assemble it, and it is also time-consuming.

No iFit Option

In most of the new ProForm models, a friendly iFit coach is attached. It lets you download new workout programs to your treadmill. It also provides the opportunity of online tracking of your workouts. This feature is most liked, but there is no iFit option in this particular model.

You can only get basics from it but nothing further. It’s unlike the newer models which offer features of entertainment. It has no real entertainment offerings to speak of, and even the display screen isn’t too glitzy.

Lack in Console

The console window is very small here, and it’s difficult to read the data on it. Again there are many other new models like Proform 400 treadmill or Proform Pro 1000 which provide better features and facilities in more affordable price. For example, Proform 400 treadmill has a rack above the console to hold the tablet.

Speed controls 

10mph is an average speed and not so bad. But for interval training purpose or sprint runs more speed is required. Some models offer even 12mph speed.

Running surface

It is not so compact model as most compact models. It is 55″ long and 20″ wide. But still, this area is not sufficient for all tall users.

Heart Rate Observing

It has no chest strap heart rate monitor. So you have to hold the handlebars to know your heart rate during working out.

It has a Kg heart rate grip sensor but no option to use the wireless receiver.


Our final thoughts

To sum it up, it’s quite durable and most suitable for enthusiastic newcomers.

Although the speed is not so high and it is not so well equipped like some of the expensive treadmills, 10 MPH and the related parts are decent according to the price. If you are looking for a treadmill just for jogging or walk on, Proform 505 CST Treadmill is recommended. But if you don’t have ample space in your home, it’s not for you.

Apart from some other minor negatives, this treadmill is affordable for a variety of people. It is designed for long-term use and provides proper balance. It comes with all the comfort, efficiency and stability because of its large size. If you buy this one, you will be satisfied for sure.


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